50 shades of blonde

Was it a midlife crisis?
I kinda hope not, because I’m aiming for survival past 70 … so let’s say NO.

Also, no need in creating a whole new blog called canidyemyhairplatinumtoday.com … because it would have 1 entry and it would never be mentioned again. IMG_1380

I learned that the punk-princess look isn’t a great look for a “corporate environment” nor a safe bet in humid climates where you have to wash your hair somewhat frequently and can’t guarantee the minerals in the water won’t stain your hair.

Overall, it was a distraction, and I’d much rather be distracting because of the work I’m doing, instead of someone trying to figure out what statement I’m attempting to make with my hair.
Which is no statement at all.

I also learned that women are more apt to being mean in their comments about a look change and men were more apt to either stay silent or actually be complimentary about it. It was an interesting, albeit unintentional, social experiment.

What doesn’t kill you definitely does make you blonder – in some shade or another … and as my therapist hairstylist of the past 8 years reassured me … uber platinum is soooooo only the first 2 weeks of April ’15.
We now return to regular blonde.


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