Mid-September UPDATE

It will officially be the middle of September tomorrow and will subsequently officially be stupid weather with a very likely chance of rain throughout the entire day and night. And it appears it’s also going to rain all night long, which means it may very well be a mud pit in the morning all across the mighty tailgate town of Fayetteville.

Knowing all of this and consulting the alignment of the starts and my crystal boot – YOU CAN WEAR TALL BOOTS TOMORROW!

But beware of these pitfalls:

  • No suede … aforementioned mud will ruin that in a heartbeat.
  • For all you HOG fans, it’s a day-time game – be mindful of your choice of boot, tall black boots are still gonna get at least a smirk from me and thus, probably from people around you too.
  • Rain boots are probably your best bet AND you can also splash in puddles around ‘Bama fans and not worry about a thing, just as long as you don’t have to walk back by them after the game is over.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie Link says:

    Dangit. I wore tall black boots today. Buying rain boots this afternoon for tomorrow!

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