Tall Boot Limbo

These are tough times, I know – it’s going to be a long week, possibly 2 weeks.

BUT …You can do it!
We all made it through a couple of cool nights without boots didn’t we? DIDN’T WE!?!?!
Your pedicures thank you.
In fact all y’alls boots thank you for not having a “swamp feet” situation.
Here’s the weather outlook – it’s pretty self explanatory:
weather outlook

So in this crucial time of Tall Boot Limbo, let’s reflect on some things together:

Things that are totally acceptable all year long:
  • Cowboy boots
  • Rain boots, or wellies
  • Flip Flops
So yes, feel free to wear your cowboy boots in any color you want, any time of year. I’ll be wearing my red ones on Saturday more than likely – GO HOGS!

Technically flip flops are acceptable all year long, but please don’t blame me for frost bite. The theory here is that you’re using your own best judgement and/or possibly just coming from a pedicure.

Now I’m sure I’m going to ruffle a few (more) feathers here, but let’s discuss white shoes.
I’d really prefer you NEVER wear them – the only acceptable times are a) it’s Easter Sunday – not to be confused with “Easter season,” b) it’s your wedding day, or c) nope, there is no c – there are only 2 fair and appropriate times to wear white shoes.
 shoe rules

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